Focus on Flex-ability

Welcome to Flex-ability

The Flex-ability Network is a group of lawyers dedicated to envisioning the workplace and workforce of the future, as well as creating present-day productive and flexible work arrangements for our lawyers.



The chair of the Flex-ability Network is Mark Miller (Houston). The co-vice chairs are Mary Kimura (San Francisco) and Audrey Rauscher (Austin).


Our objectives

  • promoting a positive attitude towards flexible working
  • supporting people who work flexibly
  • providing guidance to firm management on the development and implementation of inclusive policies
  • educating leadership on the advantages of supporting a flexible work environment
  • preparing for the future of flexible work schedules by exploring creative work options
  • Initiatives and activities
  • Our initiatives and activities focus on promoting our mission and objectives in several key areas, including:

Social and professional development

  • holding meetings for those working flexibly and others interested in work/life balance issues
  • partnering with the Diversity and Flexibility Alliance (DFA) to participate in educational calls and benchmarking working with our global partners and allies on flexibility to explore more creative work options


  • presenting information to prospective students and lateral lawyers on our flexible work programs
  • participating in diversity initiatives to increase the profile and knowledge of the strength of our network

Education and guidance

  • proposing changes to the flexible work schedule policies to ensure best practices
  • circulating information to lawyers working with those on flexible schedules about supporting flexible workers
  • providing guidance to lawyers exploring options for flexible working
  • supporting participants in our flexible work programs
  • creating flexibility champions to exemplify successful flex lawyers